the power of DATA for BUILDINGS in the cloud

BIM + DATA cloud services automatically integrated

POWERBIM integrates systems on the cloud. We provide a bridge digital solution based on Autodesk and Microsoft Cloud services.

BIM360 Integration

You can connect with your BIM360 hub to work with your projects or to use our platform. We use BIM360 functionalities to collaborate with teams in real time, structure the project folders, permissions and revisions.

Autodesk Forge

We use Autodesk Forge technology to provide with the best services for BIM on the cloud for AECO industry.

Project and Object Management

You can work with one project, or to compare multiple ones. You can equip the project with objects from a catalogue managed by the platform and to move, edit models and components in real time. Multiple BIM formats are allowed, IFC included.

Federating Models and Databases

With POWERBIM you can compare projects, or to join models. You can equip and furnish your project from a BIM object catalogue. The federated database will be created automatically to check results.

Analyzing BigData from multiple sources

POWERBIM automates the report creation from BIM digital models in a first step. But you can connect with other sources for specific purposes such as IOT streaming data from devices or Cost Breakdown databases. Also you can create your issues and databases directly from the app.

Microsoft Azure Integration

We use Microsoft Azure Services in the cloud to perform data mining and preparation, storing and processing all project information. We can deploy Azure Cloud Machines in your domain to self manage the data or you can use our servers. Also we can integrate POWERBIM with any other Cloud Service based on your company needs.

Connecting Cloud Services and Tools

POWERBIM is a web client easy-to-use for AECO professionals and final users, property owners. We use the last technology for data workflow by connecting apis.

Oriented to most used BIM scopes

Depending on the discipline and the project phase you work you’ll need to perform different actions to the digital model and data. BIM dimensions are related to different ways to use the model, all connected in the same platform.
  • Automatic BI data report generation from BIM models
  • Federating, moving, comparing models and their data
  • Real time interactive experience from Big Data to items
  • Group Creator tool from multiple criteria based on data
  • Issue collaborative management for all project phases
  • Creating databases for specific disciplines
  • Audit BIM models from 1D database requirements
  • 4D gantt + 5D cost/quantities + 6D energy charts
  • IOT + BMS integration + remote control for connected devices

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  • 1D - Project Creation and BIM Management. Auditing requirements automatically


Load and check models by free. Pay as you go with data reports.

Free functionalities using BIM tools for collaboration and issue management. Once you need to create data reports you will pay only for the use of these reports.

  • 3D - BIM Coordination for geometry and data. Collaborative Issue Management


Go further adding new dimensions to your project

At any time you can unlock dimensions and functionalities when one project phase requires.

  • 2D - Project management for deliverables
  • 4D - Task schedulling and video integrations
  • 5D - Cost estimation and comparison from contractors
  • 6D - Energy simulations + Facility Management + IOT / BMS Integration

Facility Management and IOT, GMAO+BMS Integration

We provide a Digital Twin to manage all the project data during its lifecycle. From Design and Construction stages to the Real State for building operations. We can manage the connected data and devices for buildings.

We integrate POWERBIM to your system

If you want to use your servers, we can install POWERBIM on your premises.

If you want to connect POWERBIM with other cloud services, databases, or sotfware workflow, our team can do it.

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